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All my works are drawn with either Derwent or Fabercastell colour pencils.

ice kacang.jpg

Ice Kacang

An icy dessert in Singapore, covered with syrup & sweet corn. 

If you want to live dangerously, start eating it from the bottom-up.


A massive chocolate milkshake topped with M&Ms, chocolate syrup, peanut butter swirls, Reese peanut butter cups. Best shared with a friend or a date on a casual night out.

Inspired by Black Tap's freakshake. 

Inspired by _blacktapnyc 's freakshake a
Boy, could I do with a bowl of ramen! I


Japanese noodles served in a rich tonkotsu broth. The dish here is served with an onsen egg, tofu, vegetables and shiitake mushrooms. 

Best eaten on cold days.

Chilli Pepper

A spice often used in Indian, East Asia & Southeast Asian dishes

Please don't rub your eyes after slicing it. I speak from experience.

Working on my botanical coursework 😁 ch

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