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All works here are done in Ink and Copic Multiliners

art 1 a3.jpg

Take Flight

(Moth Trilogy)

Featuring a luna moth and a comet moth, "Take Flight" captures the unbridled joy of these moths in their tropical habitat, on a starry night.


(Moth Trilogy)

"Mating" showcases the beauty of two oleander hawk moths in an intimate moment, suspended by a thin thread. A series of entwined branches further highlights this precarious balance.



(Moth Trilogy)

"Migration" depicts a hummingbird hawk moth and a white-lined sphinx moth on a journey to a new land. Weathering a storm, they make the perilous journey to find a better place for the next generation.

Illustrations for Borneo Lab book

sarawak vase.jpg

Black vase from Kuching

Hand carved vase that is unique to Kuching's ceramic craftsmen.

Melting Ore

Raw tin ore melted down and refined into sheets for industrial usage

melting tin stitched final.jpg
rattan weaving.jpg

Rattan weaving

Rattan woven products from the Dayaks are highly prized for their unique and meaningful patterns

Twin Belian Timber Poles

These hand-carved twin poles are used to support the burial chamber of revered Borneo chieftains

belian timber pole.jpg

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