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Comet Moth and Spanish Moon Moth - Take Flight.

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

1st Piece of Studio Juliat's Moth Trilogy Series.

Not too long ago, I was browsing an article online about 20 moth species which are more beautiful that butterflies. I was captivated by two in particular - the Comet Moth and the Spanish Moon Moth - and this lead to the first art piece in my portfolio "Take Flight". In fact I loved drawing moths so much, I decided to create a three-part series on them.

The comet moth (Argema mittrei) is found in the rain forests of Madagascar. Its large wingspan and tail is particularly enchanting - the males' wingspan is 20cm while the tail span is 15cm long, making it one of the largest silk moths in the world.

The comet moth's lifespan is very short - after spending two months as a pupae, it hatches into an adult... Only to live for four to five days. In this piece "Taking Flight", I wanted the comet moth to flaunt its beauty, to showcase its heartbreaking flight into a balmy night.

Spanish Moon Moth (Graellsia isabellae), drawn by Studio Juliat. All rights reserved.

The Spanish moon moth is native to France and Spain, and can be found in the mountains. It's by far the most beautiful moth found in Europe, and is highly admired for its long curved tail extensions. As a "relict species", this moth is thought to be a relic which originated from the Ice Age.

pen, ink, moth art, pen art, ink drawing,
"Take Flight" of the Moth series. Original art by Studio Juliat. All rights reserved.

I used a very fine multiliner pen to re-create the Spanish moon moth's wing pattern. I used a variety of strokes, each done with a sharp burst of energy (by flicking the wrist) to signify the vitality of these moths living to their fullest in their short lifespan. I particularly enjoyed drawing their furry bodies.

I've drawn symbols of their names into my pen and ink drawing. Also, this is the first piece I've released commercially so I'm so excited to see my hard work come to fruition! See if you can spot a tiny signature that I've hidden in this piece.

"Take Flight" is now available as a print in my shop in sizes A3 and A4. Each print will be hand signed on the back. Click here to find out more.

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